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How digital Wallet can help you in your Online business?

August 19, 2014

Technological advances are always changing our life styles. In the last two decades, we have had ATM and credit cards change the way we shop and now the Ibeacon Mobile wallet is another game changer. Digital or mobile wallets are cloud storage systems which contain information about your credentials, bank balance and allow you to carry out transactions electronically or physically using your smart phone. With increased security and ease, the digital wallet is gaining popularity and businesses are moving fast to integrate this new system of payment.


Dynamic advertising:

Digital wallets are not only used for transactions, but they are also used as methods of advertising. The most important factor in marketing is choosing your target audience. Digital wallets allow you to pick and choose the customers and what type of advertisements they will receive. Apps which utilize digital wallets allow companies to advertise directly to the users of these apps thus reaching specific audiences. The online option of buying advertisements another dynamic as the customer does not need to come to the shop to purchase anything and he or she can buy it on the spot. This helps the businesses to attract customers by advertising items, sales and other events directly to the customers.

Secure transactions:

Digital wallets also provide security for the customers. Each transaction made is done using a specific password known only to the user. This helps in making business secure as no one other than the owner of the digital wallet can use his phone to conduct transactions. This helps in creating a sense of security in online transactions and helps more people to adapt to online shopping which helps businesses. So companies which adapt digital wallet payments are essentially helping customers and their business.


Online business in general and digital wallets in particular allows you to better monitor your sales. With complete record of the sales and increase or decrease in purchases with new marketing campaigns, you get an idea of how effective your marketing campaign is. This helps in making advertising dynamic and adaptable to new trends and changes in the customers. It helps businesses to come up with new strategies and helps them to understand what the customers need.

Overall addition of Apple passbook is a step in the right direction which allows you to entice new customers and increase your business. With additional advantages of better monitoring or business practices and increased marketing potential, digital wallets can bring a future where cash would be regarded as a secondary transaction source and each transaction would be in the safety and ease of the customer’s smartphone.